Currently I am an Associate Professor in the School of Communication at Ohio State University. I run the VECTOR (Virtual Environment, Communication Technology, and Online Research) Lab, which not only rocks a fine acronym, but also includes over a dozen totally tubular graduate students.

Generally, my research is concerned with the effects and implications of new media technologies, including social networking sites, virtual worlds, video games, websites, blogs, and mobile applications. In particular, I am interested in how our online selves and social interactions influence our offline identities, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Given that is sufficiently vague, see the Current Research page for my current foci and the Publications page for citations and papers.

Teaching about new technologies is exciting because of the applicability of the material to our everyday lives. Learning to analyze, critique, and understand these technologies is crucial so that students can maximize their effectiveness in practice and make informed decisions regarding their use. My classes also focus on developing writing skills as they are a fundamental part of earning a degree in Communication.


My CV can be found here.

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